Subscription Legal Services for Business

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Ongoing Legal Support for your Business

Small and medium sized businesses face legal issues on a daily basis.  Keeping a law firm on retainer or hiring a full time lawyer simply are not the most cost-effective option.  Andre Law provides subscription legal services for businesses so you can concentrate on running your business.  Andre Law’s subscription plan includes:

  • Legal Document Review
  • Simple contract preparation
  • Limited legal correspondence (demand letters, cease and desist letters, etc.)
  • Advice regarding employment or labor matters
  • Pre-litigation advice
  • an attorney on call for your legal questions
  • reduced hourly rates for matters which require litigation or attorney appearance

Your primary concern ought to be running your business while not being mired in routine legal matters that may come up from time to time.  Having an attorney readily available can free up your time to concentrating on your business, or give you the confidence necessary to take a particular course of action to grow your business.

Contact Andre Law today to discuss how subscription legal service can help you grow your business.