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When you’ve received a judgment you can’t collect, you don’t just need a commercial litigation firm, you need a champion. Someone who will fight for you, who knows the secrets of effective collection methods and remedies, and who will get you the results you deserve.

You need the experienced representation provided by Andre Law Firm. Based in Miami, our firm specializes in the practice areas of commercial collections and judgment enforcement, commercial litigation, and business disputes. Andre Law Firm has over a decade of experience in successful litigation resolutions, both in representing as well as obtaining settlements from Fortune 500 companies and multinational corporations, as well as smaller business concerns, often producing results our clients had been told were impossible to obtain.

Many people are unaware that receiving a judgment from a court is just the first step. Courts do not collect judgments for you. It is up to you to make the offending party pay. In addition, if you engaged an attorney to help you win your case, chances are he or she has little or no expertise in collecting on the judgment. Which is where Andre Law Firm steps in.

Unlike most commercial litigation firms, Andre Law Firm specializes in understanding the most effective methods to produce results. We also know the avoidance tactics many debtors use to evade payment and will employ time-tested and successful techniques to counteract such moves.

Because up to 90 percent of judgments are never collected, it is essential to move quickly and aggressively against a debtor as soon as possible after the verdict is handed down. Florida law provides many effective remedies to help ensure that debts are collected, but they are varied and intricate, and the average layperson is typically unaware of all their options.

Let us help you negotiate the complexities of judgment collection to obtain what is rightfully yours. Andre Law Firm will provide focused, cost-effective results, even when you thought your case was hopeless.

In addition to commercial collections, Andre Law Firm also represents clients in other related matters, including commercial foreclosure of real and personal property interests, as well as commercial transactions.

Wouldn’t you like to retain a law firm that possesses a broad, in-depth knowledge of your business interests and your company’s requirements? We provide highly knowledgeable, individualized representation to our clients, putting their needs above all else. If you’re frustrated by a judgment you haven’t been able to collect, contact us today and let us take the worry out of your hands.